Current Inventory

Bucket Trucks

Also known as Cherry Pickers or Basket Crane Trucks, are designed to safely & efficiently lift and lower workers in a number of industries, including: Forestry, Landscaping, Tree Care, Utilities (Electric power, Gas, Water, Cable, Telephone), and Disaster Recovery.

Chip Trucks

All chip trucks are designed to safely handle tree debris & wood chips on the job, remove the chips from the site, then deliver them to your destination for dumping.

Digger Derricks

Digger Derrick trucks are equipped with an auger to drill the hole, and pole clamps to clench a pole for
insertion. Digger derricks are second to none for digging holes, lifting and setting poles and other materials.

Knuckle Boom

New & Used Knuckle Boom Trucks for load lifting 3 ton and up, and offers unparalleled articulated handling in tight horizontal and vertical spaces. The Knuckle Boom Crane typically tucks neatly out of the way to allow room for lots of cargo/storage space on the truck, which enables many custom truck configuration options. Perfect for transport, construction, forestry, and other industries.

Truck Bodies

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Trueco sells specialized utility truck parts for most makes/models of bucket trucks, Derrick Digger Trucks, Chipper Trucks, Crane Trucks, Knuckle Boom Trucks, and Trailers beyond the standard replacement parts.